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  1. Laurene says:

    Shed 5 dine n dash is no longer on offer (for more than a year) and Crab Shack deals are different

  2. Agnes says:

    Moon 1 – $10 Pizza Wednesday with free live music

  3. Rick says:

    Vinyl Bar don’t do the cocktail/shot lotto anymore.

  4. coco chen says:

    hi there, could you please help us to change our specials:
    Monday + Tuesday: $16 Steak Lunch Special
    Monday – Friday: Burger + A Pint = $19.5
    Happy Hour: Mon-Fri, 4-7pm.


    Coco’s Bar&Grill

  5. Agnes says:

    Bastardo on Tory: Student Wednesday $15 pasta+ glass of wine

  6. Brad says:

    The Grand Wellington – 69 Courtenay Place

    $10 Jugs of TUI & Export Gold every day all day

    Monday – 241 on all main meals including stonegrills
    Tuesday – House smoked BBQ Beef ribs, 241 $30
    Wednesday – Slow braised Lamb Shank $18
    Thursday – 500G Rump Steak, chips, salad & Fried Egg $19.50
    Friday – Slow braised Lamb Shank $18
    Friday – Heineken Friday, $6 bottles, $7 Tap
    Saturday – 500G Rump Steak, chips, salad & Fried Egg $19.50
    Sunday – Sunday Roast $19.50

  7. Agnes says:

    Miramar Gasworks does $20 steak nights on Thursdays from 5 pm and $20 burger and pint day on Saturdays all day.

  8. K H says:


    we went to the residence on Sunday evening, and they no longer do the $6 burger offer.


  9. Green says:

    Mediterranean food warehouse trattoria in newtown: metre pizza monday from 5pm. Feed 2-6. Or weekday lunch deal $12

    Also hataitais the realm has more deals, not sure if their website updated but it’s at their restaurant

  10. Iona says:

    Hey, Cuba St Bistro has closed down.

  11. Dee says:

    Cambridge hotel has FREE bbq 6:30pm after a drink purchase on wednesdays

  12. Bek says:

    Fratelli Feast is now $40 and is available Monday as well as Tuesday.

    Matterhorn and Pan de Muerto have both closed.

  13. PhotonFlux says:

    Deals on at PhotonFlux.

    Check out our website at and our Facebook page

    Monday: Pinball: Free pinball game after buying your first alcoholic drink
    Tuesday: Hey Neighbour!: Free side of nachos with every bunny chow purchase if you live in Te Aro.
    Wednesday: Hump Day Cocktails: 2 for $20 cocktail deal!
    Thursday: Nacho Ordinary Thursday*: A portion of nachos and a pint for only $20.

  14. Aleisha says:

    Hey!! Can you please put The Roundabout Bar and Kitchen onto this list 🙂

    Monday- Build your own pizza night.
    Tuesday- 2 milkshakes for $10
    Wednesday- Build your own steak night.
    Thursday- Cocktail Night.
    Friday- Happy hour 4-6pm.
    Saturday- Beer pint special.
    Sunday- Burger and Beer special.

  15. T says:

    Hi the realm haitaita is not doing their 2-4-1 any more but they are doing 2-4-$29 on anything on their evening menu (so pizza, burger or dinner meal mains all included in this offer) on Wednesday and Monday nights.

  16. T NGUYEN says:

    El matador does not do their Sunday sweet tooth special anymore. They replied to me: “We have a different special: $22 for a wood-fired burger served with patatas bravas and half a pint of beer served from 5pm on Sundays to Tuesdays.”

    Thank you

  17. Boob says:

    Motel bar has closed

  18. Steve Gray says:

    Thanks for listing Sandbar, Mana
    We have updated our deals :
    Tuesday $12 pizza, happy hour 4 -6
    Wednesday rib night $12 ribs and chips, happy hour 4 – 6
    Thursday steak night $15 steak, chips and a pint / house wine , happy hour 4-6
    Friday free bbq 5pm and happy hour 4-6, live music
    Saturday 2 for 1 burgers, happy hour 4-6
    Sunday cash poker from 3pm, $20 buy in, happy hour 4 -6
    All meals deals from 5pm

  19. Scott Gibbs says:

    Hi there,
    Here at The Bangalore Polo Club Wellington,we have just rolled out some great new daily deals, any chance you could pop these up for us?
    Meatball Monday: $15 spaghetti and meatballs!
    Tequila Tuesday: Selected tequila cocktails starting from $6, and $15 chicken nachos
    Slice of Wednesday: 2 for 1 Pizzas!
    Tito’s Thursday: $15 Tito’s Mule Pitchers
    Aperitivo Friday: $10 Spritzers and complimentary nibbles
    Sideways Saturday: $10 Cocktail of the week!
    Gin Sundays: Its a thing! Gin Pitchers starting at $14

  20. Cathy D4 says:


    I was hoping you could add D4 on Allen’s deals to your site.

    Happy Hour is Tuesday – Friday every week (5-7pm)

    Tuesdays we have a poker night from 7 pm
    Wednesday we have a Wine Down Wednesday wine promotion
    Thursday we have $20 pizza and Boundary Road Brewery Jugs
    Friday we have a live band from 8:30pm followed by DJ
    Saturday night we have a DJ from 10pm

    Everyday deals (Tuesday –Saturday)
    $12 boundary road jugs, $6 carlsberg bottles, $6 tequila shots

    Thank You

  21. Coco Chen says:

    Hi there,

    could you please help me to change the daily deals for “coco’s bar&grill”? We have Mon-Fri, happy hours from 4pm-7pm. Monday: 2 4 1 Lamb Chop, Tuesday: 2 4 1 Steak, Wednesday: Burger + A Pint = $18 Thursday: Fish&Chips + A Pint = $19. Friday: 20% Off small plates.

    Thanks a lot for your help!



  22. Patrick Cooney says:

    Can you please cancel the daily deals for fat angel bar?

    We do have some brilliant happy hour and all day/every day drinks deals that are happening.
    On Thursdays we have a poker night too
    And weekend DJs will be starting back up soon

  23. Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant says:

    Hi there, thanks for listing us on your site! Here’s an update on our current deals:

    – – –
    2 for 1 Stonegrill: Every Monday & Tuesday from 11.30am-1.30pm, and from 5.30pm until sold out.

    Midweek Meat-Free: Every Wednesday from 5pm.
    Choose 2 courses for $30 from any of our vegetarian or vegan mains, desserts & fully vegetarian specials board.

    Sunday Roast: Every Sunday from 5pm.
    On Sunday evenings, come in for a tasty roast & complimentary brownie for $23.50

    Daily Lunch Deals: Every Monday-Friday 11.30am-2.30pm
    Grab a deal with our daily lunch menu – lunch offers from just $12!

    Free Pool Friday: Every Friday, all day
    Every Friday, unwind from the working week over a free game of pool at our place. Great excuse to sneak away from the office a bit early!


  24. Ozan says:

    Could you please change the deals for Cafe Pasha? For the accurate information, please visit our website.

    • says:

      Thanks, I couldn’t find any on there so I have just removed them for now. If you can comment with the deals I will upload them.

  25. Coco Chen says:

    Hi there, the Bruhaus is reopened and re-branded as “coco’s bar&grill”, could you please help us to list our daily specials:

    Monday: one bottle of bach brew + 2 skewers = $15
    Tuesday: $10 cocktails
    Wednesday: $7 wine
    Thursday:$9 sake night
    Friday: $7 house beers
    Saturday: Two House wines + two small plates = $30

    Monday to Friday we have happy hours from 5pm to 7pm, house drinks are $7 and changes all the time.

    Thank you very much for your help!


    Coco Chen

  26. Alastair says:

    Bruhaus is now closed

  27. Tyler says:

    Awesome site.

    The Pub (if it’s the one on The Terrace) isn’t there anymore, now it’s Sterling.

    The Green Man doesn’t do Saturday all you can eat burgers anymore.

    The Crab Shack Tuesday wings are now $1 each.

    Bethel Woods Wednesday special is now a pound of wings for $10.

  28. Patrick McKane says:

    Arizona (next to Intercon) and The Pub (The Terrace) now closed. New places operating on these sites.

  29. santiago says:

    Danger Danger Deals (Former Electric Ave)

    Mondays: Pizza and Jug From $15
    Tuesday: 2 For 1 Pizzas
    Wednesday: 2 For 1 Burgers
    Thursdays: Poparazzi Quiz, 3 for 2 to share menu, 90’s Party Night
    Fridays: 2 for 1 Pizzas

    DJ Tuesday to Saturday

  30. Yvette Misseldine says:

    Hi There, Can you please update the information you have of The Residence.
    We do NOT do 2 for 1 mains on Mondays anymore. Below are our up to date specials.

    MONDAY: Jingo (Musical Bingo) From 7.30pm. Win Bar tabs!!
    $10 Jugs of WildBuck all day

    TUESDAY: 2 for 1 Burgers from 5pm
    $10 Jugs of WildBuck all day

    WEDNESDAY: Pub Quiz(Best Quiz in Town) From 7pm Win bar tabs!!
    $10 Jugs of WildBuck all day

    THURSDAY: Jam Session. Show us your musical talents! From 8pm
    $10 Jugs of WildBuck all day

    FRIDAY: Happy Hour 5 – 7pm: 2 for 1 Carlsberg, Founders IPA, BRB Pilsner, Porter, House Spirits & Lake Chalice Wines.
    CHASE THE ACE from 8pm. Win CASH!
    $10 Jugs of WildBuck all day.

    SATURDAY: $10 Jugs of WildBuck all day.

    SUNDAY: Pool Competition from 8pm. Win Bar Tabs!! $6 Burgers & $8 Jugs of WildBuck from 5pm

    Thank so much
    Yvette Misseldine
    120 Courtenay Place

  31. TH NGUYEN says:

    We checked with Mama Brown and they don’t do the 20% discount on Thursdays. They have a student deal on Thursday “Bangin burger and Fries $10”. Also Every first Thursday of the month is Paper Scissors Rock where, at the time of payment, one player per table gets one shot at PSR with a staff member to make all mains for the table $15 each. Lastly, the 241 password on Wednesdays change each month, its on their FB.

  32. San Luca says:

    Prtty sure Arizona has rebranded

  33. Matthew says:

    Electric Avenue and Osteria del Toro have both closed.

    Café Istanbul has decided to list their special more honestly as two mains for $30,and I suggest you do the same.

    Keep it up.

    • says:

      Cheers all updated

    • Matthew says:

      Oh, and Five Stags and Public have rebranded so their specials will have changed.

      • says:

        Cheers, do you know what the new deals are?

        • santiago says:

          Jack Hackett’s Deals & Events

          Meet Meat Mondays 25% Off on Meat Plates
          Jack Hackett’s Famous Tuesday Quiz
          Curry & Pint Night, Curry and Pint for $22
          2 for 1 Mains
          Happy Hour 5 p.m. to 7 p.m
          Sunday Roast Just $15

          Tuesday to Saturday Live Music

          All week: Pint Of the Week, Special price on one selected Tap beer Pint

          Four Kings:
          All Week Live Sports

  34. Jeremy says:

    Meow has a happy hour 4.30-6.30 on Fridays

  35. James says:

    Hey you might want to update Brew’d they don’t do 241 pizza on Tuesdays anymore, they have other deals tho…

  36. Patrick Cooney says:

    Can I please get the deals for another of our bars added to the listing?

    Fat Angel bar
    Level 1, 35 Dixon street
    Te Aro

    Wednesday: ‘Wino Wednesday’ Discounted wines starting at $6
    Thursday: ‘Thirsty Thursday’ – All house drinks discounted. Singalong Bingo from 7pm
    Friday: ‘Funk House Friday’ DJ from 9pm $9 cocktail and $9 Vodka Energy
    Saturday: $15 steak, DJ from 9pm

    Every day (wed-sat): $9 cocktail, Happy hour 5-7pm, ‘Pizza hour’ 241 pizzas 8-9pm

    Also, the deals for Eva Beva i sent to you (see previous thread) have not been added yet

    Thank you

  37. VINNY says:


    The Bangalore Polo Club is going to undergo refurbishment from the end of this week. Could you remove all deals for Bangalore until further notice please?

    Thank you

    • says:

      No worries Vinny, they have now been removed. Let me know the new ones once you are refurbished.

  38. Patrick Cooney says:

    How can i list my bar & eatery’s daily deals? we offer deals 7 days a week

    • says:

      Hi, just reply with the deals int he comments here and I’ll put them up.

      • Patrick Cooney says:

        Monday 241 burgers from 5pm. so $20 for two
        Tuesday $15 steak from 5pm and open mic live music from 6pm
        Wednesday $10 small plates from 5pm and quiz from 6:30pm
        Thursday $1 chicken wings from 5pm and live music 8pm
        Friday $16 fish and chips from 5pm and live music from 8pm
        Saturday $19 maple ribs main from 5pm and live music 9pm
        Sunday $12 design your own pizza from 5pm

        Happy hour each day 5-7pm discounted beer,wine,spirits
        Express menu lunch menu from $8 every day and we also offer a loyalty card for lunch – buy 7 get 8th free

        All at Eva Beva bar & Eatery, 35 Dixon street

  39. A says:

    Mediterranean Food Warehouse – 241 Pizza doesn’t exist anymore, just checked with them.

  40. Andrew says:

    Hi – Deals for Park Kitchen in Miramar follow:
    Monday from 5pm: 2 for 1 pizza
    Tuesday from 5pm: Kids eat free
    Wednesday from 5pm: Burger, fries & select drink $22
    Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Happy Hour 4:00 – 7:00pm
    Select beer, wines & spirits from $5.50
    Happy hour small plates $8
    Sangria $15 / 1 litre carafe
    Friday/Saturday from 9pm: Classic cocktails all $10
    Sunday from 5pm: Select main plate & drink $24

  41. A says:

    Arborist doesn’t do 241 lunches anymore on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  42. A says:

    Heaven Woodfire Pizza wednesday 8 dollar student pizzas! (they actually give it to anyone as far as I could see)

  43. A says:

    Thief has closed unfortunately. Please edit.

  44. Yallas says:

    Goose Shack is no longer. It’s under new management, and called The Paperboat. You’ll need to call them for deals.

    • says:

      Thanks, I’ve removed Goose Shack for now and will see if I can find out some more about The Paperboat – leave a comment if you know of any deals they have.

  45. Lisa says:

    To the owner of this page; You’re an absolute champion and I wish you sunshine and rainbows for the rest of your life!

  46. Jag says:

    Greenman 2for 1 Breakfast deals on Tuesdays is no longer valid.

  47. Laura says:

    Hey! JJ Murphy’s is now doing a 241 meals menu on Monday nights instead of the 241 pies.

  48. Alister says:

    Hotel Bristol – Blues @ 8.30pm | Steak Night: $30 steak & house wine or beer

    The above deal is no longer available on a Thursday.

  49. Tamsin says:

    Hey the arborist does 2 for $20 cocktails every day between 4pm and 6pm, they also do 241 lunches on Mondays and Tuesday’s between 12-3pm. They also do cheap coffee every day between 10.30-midday and 3-4.30pm (maybe just black coffees though). coffee and blt for $10 every day between 7am-10am every day.

  50. Ryan says:

    I think Boulcott street bistro is 1/2 price on Monday?

  51. Erica says:

    Hey guys, great site! Pretty sure Flying Burrito Bros have a daily special similar to Tequila Joe’s. $25 all you can eat tacos on Tuesdays. Maybe others too!

  52. Phil says:

    Great list. Someone should do this with an App and a map.

    • says:

      Thanks! I’ll keep it in mind for the next iteration. In the mean time the site is mobile friendly so can be used anywhere on a smartphone.

  53. Nicole Mistal says:

    Hi folks

    Just FYI – I don’t think that Atlanta exists anymore.


  54. Cuba St Bistro says:

    Hi guys.

    We are no longer doing the 241s you show here however;

    We are doing a deal for free desserts everyday instead

    For diners seated before 630pm ordering at least a large plate any dessert is complementary.

    Thank you.

  55. Queenie says:

    Come across your site, Thank you for all the deals info, pretty useful :).

    I had found out there are some deals at Mama Brown – 250 Wakefield Street, Wellington.

    Wed, 241 on the Mains
    Thursday, 20% off on the Mains; Any 3 Tacos & Soda for $15

    Just want to share back!

    • says:

      Thanks – keep them coming! We’ve added the deals to the site – but couldn’t see the taco one on their site, is it advertised somewhere else?

  56. Jasper says:

    The Boat Cafe do not do 241 dinners from 5pm on Thursday night. Went there and they said a website is giving out false information regarding this. They mentioned occasionally they bring out the deal in winter time if they have low sales but it is not a regular deal. Please take down this deal, as it is inaccurate information, we ordered our food before we found out it was not 241 due to miss information from this website.

    • says:

      Thanks, it has been removed. Deals come and go – as we say at the top of the site, it’s always worth calling ahead to check.

  57. Melanie Copland says:

    Greenman Wine club Wednesday $6 wine

    • says:

      Thanks, we’ve found & updated all their deals, they’re under ‘The Green Man Pub’ – let us know if you find any more!

  58. Melanie Copland says:

    Great site! Bethal Woods has deals as well

  59. Coco says:

    Hi there! This is Coco from the Bruhaus. Could we please update the deals on your website, since we changed the deals quite long time ago…

    Monday: Burger+ a BRB Pint = $22, Asisan Slider + a BRB Pint= $18
    Tuesday: Burger+ a BRB Pint = $22, Asisan Slider + a BRB Pint= $18
    Wednesday: Burger+ a BRB Pint = $22, Asisan Slider + a BRB Pint= $18
    Thursday: Burger+ a BRB Pint = $22, Asisan Slider + a BRB Pint= $18

    Friday: Live band every other Friday with free nibbles on the bar

    Thanks for your help!

  60. Lucy Newrick says:

    Hi there,

    Do you still have the $6 Mystery wines on a Wednesday?

    I look forward to hearing back from you,

    Kind regards,


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